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E-mail screenshot with just one keystroke!

Screenshot-by-Email is a simple screenshot utility for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

With Screenshot-by-Email you take screenshot, compress it to Zip-file and send by E-mail with just one keystroke.

Press a single Hot Key and the software creates a snapshot of your entire screen or just the active window, compresses it into a Zip-archive and composes an e-mail message with your screenshot ready to be sent. Another option is to save the screenshot to a file.
If you are a beginner in the computer world and have a problem you cannot solve by yourself, this simple tool will help you to send your screen to someone who may help.
And vice versa, if you need to see the screen of a newbie, make him to install this software and to press Ctrl+~ to send you a snapshot. It is much easier then to teach him to master all the skills below.
Just press a hot key in Screenshot-by-Email and don't dig youself into trouble of doing all the following annoying things:
  1. pressing PrintScreen to place the screenshot to Clipboard;
  2. using some image editor to insert the clipboard image and save it to file;
  3. using some compression tool to compress the image file.
  4. attaching the file to a new e-mail message.
Setting Hot Keys for Screenshot-by-Email
Latest version 1.0  (January 7,  2011)

Features of Screenshot-by-Email

Extremely easy to use:
You need just one keystroke to take a screenshot and send it by e-mail or save it to a file.
Extremely small size of the e-mail attachment:
Screenshot-by-Email compresses screenshots into Zip-file with maximum compression ratio. The resulting size is almost twice less then the size of the same image in the Jpeg-format.
No installation required:
You can just start Screenshot-by-Email.exe and take your screenshots straight away.
Extremal compatibility:
As long as the attachment is in the zip-format, the recipient of your e-mail can open it easily. Screenshot-by-Email runs on any Windows platform. It does not depend on any additional software or hardware.
Extremely gentle use of system resources:
The main module of the software is only 60Kb in size.

It is Free!

Screenshot-by-Email is freeware for non-commercial use.
If you want to use Screenshot-by-Email in any commercial environment, or to sign the screenshots with your own logo, please order the Site License at $99 US and use the software company-wide. Please send a message to our Sales department if you are interested in purchsing Screenshot-by-Email.

National language support

The user interface of the software is very simple. So the localization seems excessive. Though, if you think this software should speak your language, please let us know. If there are many requests, we'll implement the localization features.

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