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Working with Localizer

  1. CONTACT ORIONSOFTLAB STAFF AT LOCALIZE@ORIONSOFTLAB.COM BEFORE BEGINNING YOUR TRANSLATIONS! It's possible that someone else is already making a localization to the same language as you want to do. In this case you better wait until that person finalize his/her work. Then you'll be able to get his/her translation and improve it by making your proof-reading. It's much easier than to translate from the beginning.
  2. Get the latest version of the language file (.lng-file) for the product you'd like to translate (we'll send you a copy on your request)
  3. You can use as the original either the source English lng-file or a translation to another language. We recommend to place both the original language file and your translation language file into the same folder as you places localizer.exe.
  4. Start localizer.exe, and create a new translation. Please specify the exact language you want to translate into (Some languages has several "modifications". Please be exact in your choice). You can optionally specify your contacts (name, e-mail, web-site URL). If this info presents in your translation, it will be displayed as at our web-site, as at the translated product's About window when a user activates your language file.
  5. Do your translation. The left tree-view contains all the string IDs to be translated. The original version of a string is shown at the top-right frame. Though it's always disable you can copy any part of that text to the clipboard. Place a translated string into the bottom-right frame. When you've entered some text into the Translation frame, or pressed the "As is" button, the sting Id on the left will be grayed. Making your translation please pay attention to the Translation rules below.
  6. When you've finished a translation session please save changes of your work to the disk by using the Save or the Save As command. When you continue this translation please use the Open command and point to the saved lng-file.
  7. If there is no more non-grayed string IDs, you've done it. As soon as you completed your translation, please open the product being translated and select your language file at the Language menu. You'll see all your translated strings in effect. Please make sure that all the strings look good in their places. If some string is too long to be fitted into the control, please change it for a shorter analogue. Please check all the windows of the product in this way.
  8. Please attach your completed translation to your e-mail to
We'll check it out, and, if it's good, place it to our web-site and probably to a product installation package.

Translation rules

  1. Localize only those strings that should be localized. You don't need to translate URLs, names, etc. If the string doesn't needs translation please press the "As is" button.
  2. If an original string consists of a list of several lines, the translation must consist of the same amount of lines. Use the Enter key to start a new line. Don't use Enter for any strings that doesn't contain lists.
  3. If an original string contains "%s" or "%u" or "\n" or "\t" or other combinations that start with "\" (back-slash), or any formatting characters like "'", "`", "|" etc., the translation must contain this combinations at the same places as the original does.
  4. Keep in mind that the length of a translated string shouldn't exceed the original string more than by 20-30%. Otherwise, the translated string can be too long to be placed into its control.

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